Learn to kite surf in Melbourne on Altona Beach

Kite Surfing lessons are run on Altona Beach every year from November to March.
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About Kite Life

Don’t sit on the beach and simply watch; take your position within the bustling seascape and learn to Kite Surf with the energetic Kite Board team at KITELIFE. Whether you are an experienced Kite Surfer or wish to take up beginner Kite Board lessons, join the KITELIFE crew and participate in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic board sports in the world.

Utilising Altona beach’s ideal Kite Boarding shoreline, KITELIFE can provide everything you need to get started and keep going…

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Beach Basics

Time: 2 Hours
  • Understanding the Wind
  • Practise with a Trainer Kite
  • Learn to Setup a Kite Surf Kite
  • Launching the Kite
  • Body Dragging Through the Water
  • Beach and Kite Safety

Kite Skills

Time: 6 Hours over 3 Sessions
  • Includes BEACH BASICS Package
  • Upwind body dragging
  • Self Rescue
  • Standing on the Board
  • Board Riding Skills
  • Launching and Landing the Kite

Learn to kite surf – with kitelife!

Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels.
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Altona Beach
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